About Us

Welcome to PT. Savana Rattan Furniture and Thank you for visiting Our Website

PT. Savana Rattan Furniture is a manufacturer, an exporter and a supplier of rattan furniture located in Cirebon-West Java - Indonesia. Our experienced craftmentship, vast arrays of creative designs and timely delivery have made us one of the most reliable rattan manufacturers. 

Established since 2006, we have handcraftedly processed the best Indonesian rattan to be exquisite yet sturdy all-rattan furniture or in combination with various types of wood such as teak, mahogany, mango, pine and local hard wood and other natural vibers such as water hyacinth, banana and sea grass, not to mention synthetic rattan and to be compatible rattan furniture for any space in your home, both indoor and outdoor. 

Our best collections are shipped to 5 continents: America, Europe, Africa, Asia & Australia. We supply many importers, wholesalers, stores, distributors, and retailers alike around the globe. 

We are very confident in the business to continually develop for excellence through timely, innovative both our own and customed designs that support and meet the ever changing customers market demands with the competitive price. 

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